We offer complete, down to the component level, repair and parts replacement for your CNC and Industrial Equipment.


Serving the industry since 1972 we really mean it when we say we're here to help you. 

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We stand behind our sales & service. A two year warranty comes standard with all of our repairs, rebuilds and parts sales.

For added protection of your investment we offer extended warranties.

Spindle Drive Rebuilding

Servo Amplifier Rebuilding

Power Supply Repair

Spindle Motor Rebuilding

​Servo Motor Rebuilding
Circuit Board Repair
CRT  Monitor Rebuilding

New 'Clear View' CRT Tubes

CNC Replacement Parts Spindle Drives

Our current rebuilding lead time averages about two to three days.

Repairs are performed by experienced technicians using state of the art test and repair equipment to get to the root cause of the problem.


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